OBIEE Action link passing Hierarchical Column level

Issue Faced

In a summary report we are using a hierarchical column. We now need to link this summary report to a detail report. Challenge is while linking the two, since parameter passing does not support pass of Hierarchical columns.

Summary reportDetail report


Implementation – Using Hierarchical columns

In this solution option we will be using an additional hierarchical column in detail report and selection steps.

  1. In the detail report add the hierarchical column and hide it . Don’t exclude the column .Detail report - step 1 - add hirarchical columnDetail report - step 2 - hirarchical column hidden
  2. Go to the selection steps , here the highlighted column is our hierarchical column.Detail - selection steps
  3. Edit the “Start with all members” and select the ‘override with prompt’ and select OK.  Detail report - step 4 - Sel Stp  - start with overwrite with prompt
  4. Then click the “Then, Next Step” and keep all the members of detail level of the hierarchy column as shown here  Detail report - step 5 - Sel Stp  - then add
  5. Save the detail report and link the summary report with detail report using an action link.

Summary - Column - Action link

Report behavior

Summary report: select desired level value:

Summry - Lvl2 - select

When drilling into detail report, observe selected data:

Detail report - keep level 2 selection

Hope this solution will help you as well when dealing with hierarchical columns.

Note: Please note this tests were done on OBIEE