OBIEE Security (3) – 11g Dashboard Security


Security can be applied also at a more granular object level, and used in customizing the same dashboard for different users groups, by securing sections and tabs.

When would you use this?  When you want to have users accessing the same dashboard but seeing different content:

– e.g. your management will also want to look at the overall team progress alongside the individual progress (new tab for team progress in same dashboard)

– your different regions or user groups will want to have different filtering criteria on same report – you can achieve this by applying the entire selection of filters with is prompted, while showing for each group a different prompt with only the selectors the user/group of users would want to see for each region/group/organization.


Post will explain on a simplistic way how to achieve section and tab security. Applicability will depend on your business.

Tab Security

On the targeted dashboard go to Edit, and from Dashboard Options options select  Dashboard Properties.

dashboard options

You will see there a list of your existing pages in the Dashboard Pages section


on which you’ll have various options:

  1. Rename
    page options - explained
  2. Select a prompt to capture default filters and variables
  3. Permissions
  4. Delete Page
  5. Specify who can save Shared Customizations
  6. Specify who can assign Default Customizations
  7. Hide Page check-box
  8. Show Add To Briefing Book check box
  9. Change order of tabs

A hidden page, when run, will display dashboard name and content (no tabs nor page name are displayed)

hidden page run

Please note that My Dashboard will only have available options:

  • rename
  • select a prompt to capture default filters and variables
  • delete
  • hide page
  • Add To Briefing Book
  • Change order of tabs

Permission are set up similar to Folder permissions, with different levels of permissions:

page permissions

  • Full Control
  • Modify
  • Open
  • No Access
  • Custom

Section Security

Within a page, you have multiple sections.


When clicking the Section Options, you will be able to:

  • make it conditional
  • change permissions
  • rename
  • change formatting
  • allow drill in place
  • allow collapse
  • show/hide section header/title

section options

Permission at section level are set up with Granted/Denied option. (you either allow a user/role/group to see/execute the section or not)

Section permissions

On my example, the a_test user will have restricted access, while Admins will see additional content.

test user access:

test user - dashboards test user - pages and sections

Administrator access:

weblogic - dashboards weblogic - pages and sections on welcome

Note: Please note this tests were done on OBIEE